Community Development


Public Schools: Your Church’s Next Frontier

The following post is by Oscar Benavides, Executive Director of LINC North Texas. He will be leading the “Community Development” track at FiveTwo’s Wikiconference 2015. Interested in learning more? Sign up for the Wikiconference today!!! According to one statistic, ninety percent of students in the United States attend a public school and its no secret that

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Teams That Transform People

We all want teams that work. Our hearts crave healthy relationships. As people created in God’s image, we are naturally, intrinsically inclined to trust God… and each other. Of course, we know that our ministry teams don’t always work. Many of our relationships are rooted in fear and power. All of this leads to a


Who are the People Who Need the Gospel in Your Life?

As followers of Jesus we know we’re called to witness to and disciple others.  However we often find it difficult to know where to begin.  Below is a resource I created to help examine each area of life in order to pinpoint the people God’s put in our lives who haven’t trusted the Gospel. I’ve

NextGen Ministry


Planning to Prepare the Next Generation

We love our college-aged son. He graduated a year early from high school. He is doing well academically and socially at our alma mater. However, our son is a knucklehead; he is a procrastinator. He is returning to Washington D.C. this summer to complete his second term of a two-year internship. However, he waited until



Fostering Hearing God’s Word Together, Online

The following is re-posted with permission from Justin’s website. You can read the original here. Part of any preaching ministry is fostering hearing ears and receptive lives. Scripture invites us to ruminate on God’s Word, to steep our hearts, minds, and daily lives in His promises. In today’s Social Media culture, preachers have unprecedented tools

Worship Arts


People, Ministry, and PRIME TIME

“Prime time or peak time is the block of broadcast programming taking place during the middle of the evening for television programming.” – Wikipedia Television Executives are smart! They know when the vast majority of people in our country are sitting in front of their televisions. It’s called, “PRIME TIME” and it has single-handedly driven the