A Crucial Conversation

March 2009

After a few years of talking about it—nine church planters gathered in a makeshift conference room in a Lutheran community church in Katy, Texas. Three other guys couldn’t make it or there would have been twelve of us. We really wanted to go for the Old Testament and New Testament trifecta.


The Plan

We brought in a high-powered vision guru, Will Mancini, and asked him to help us stop talking and start doing. He did.

After 24 hours of praying and dreaming and cigar smoking (not the entire time), we arrived at FiveTwo. Actually, the name careened out from the doctored brain of Scott Rische who deftly explained the five thousand plus were fed by five loaves and two fish belonging to one of the five thousand plus.  The disciples were blind to the resources in front of them and blind to Jesus’ power to multiply them.  Modern translation:  Everything the planter needs to feed his community is already in the community.  It just needs to be brought to Jesus for blessing.

We all sat in silent awe…and then bought fivetwo.com

Silence led to light bulbs and a quick pregnancy happened: we would launch a church planting network specializing in the “personal how.” When it came to planting churches—immigrant, suburban, high cost, low cost, more traditional, crazily progressive—this crew knew how.

Plus, we were sticklers for personal. To a man, we had all been encouraged, inspired and coached by someone. We each had a guy we could pick up the phone and call when we were disappointed or confused. Which happened often.

Our Goal

Grow FiveTwo from the nine of us to a local presence in all 29 metro areas in the US and in five international locations by 2017.

Before packing up and flying away, everyone committed time and prayer. Some were able to commit dollars. Conference calls ensued. Much prayer. More time. 

In 2010 we realized if we only existed for church planters, most people would tune us out and never hear the compelling call to start new in order to reach new.  We expanded the tent to include congregations who wanted to start new but needed know-how and courage.

In 2011, after building out FiveTwo.com, we hosted our first annual WikiConference and launched six FiveTwo Locals, all to equip the front line starter.

2013 saw a shift in terminology, moving from “church planters” to “sacramental entrepreneurs” because we realized churches that have not started anything in decades needed to start small before going big.  The title change included more people in the start-up culture.

2014 brought a refinement to our mission and arrived at a crazy Legacy Vision that can be summarized in one sentence: to a movement of 10,000 Sacramental Entrepreneurs who launch start-ups that result in 1,000,000 baptized Christians.

So Here We Are 

The train has left the station, steam spewing from the stack, but slowly enough that you can leap on board at the next crossing. The more people in the car, the more fun the trip.

We hope you’ll join us!