Our Mission

What are we doing?

FiveTwo Network equips Christian entrepreneurs to launch a variety of sustainable start-ups that reach people for Jesus.

We provide clarity, camaraderie and know-how so that the startup Jesus has placed in you thrives.

We work with church plants and re-plants, non-profits, and "business as mission" for-profits.

Through our assessment, training, and coaching, entrepreneurial men and women of faith realize their dreams of creating faith-based start-ups that lead to more baptized followers of Jesus. 

Our assessment helps you uncover the Christian start-up that Jesus has placed in you, and our support & training help that start-up become reality.

Are you ready to stop waiting and start new?

Our Strategy

There are four main parts to our strategy. These are the main ways we work together toward our mission.



O2 events are for Christian entrepreneurs passionate about reaching those who do not know Jesus.



StartNew is a two-year experiential process that connects you to the camaraderie, courage, and know-how you need so that your start-up will thrive over the long haul. It includes assessment, in-person training, and ongoing coaching.



Locals are regional in-person gatherings for entrepreneurial Christian leaders who want practical, personal ”how-to” information delivered by people who understand how to unlock the resources Jesus has placed in every local community.



We regularly gather resources from around the FiveTwo network and beyond, helping you grow in your ability to start new things that last. The beauty of the digital world is that these resources are at your fingertips no matter where you are.