Our Team

Meet the team at FiveTwo. These are the individuals who lead  our network of Christian startups and who continue to build out its mission today. You’ll find that these folks come from many different backgrounds yet share a common  faith and hope in Christ. You can join them at FiveTwo and take part in some of the most extraordinary start-up support, training and coaching experiences available anywhere.

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Bill Woolsey

Founder & President

Intensely passionate about doing whatever it takes to reach Jesus’ lost people, Bill’s 28 years of parish ministry included planting CrossPoint Community Church in Katy, Texas in 1997.  He has worked with 100’s of church planters and founded FiveTwo Network in 2009. Author of Seven Steps to Start: A Sacramental Entrepreneur's Guide To Launching Startups That Thrive. Lead creator of FiveTwo’s StartNew incubator.

Oscar Benavides

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives

Oscar spent over twelve years as a Pastor and thirteen years in two non-profits as Executive Director focused on church planting, Hispanic Outreach and community development. In addition to FiveTwo he is a Systems Change facilitator for the Devos Leadership Initiative. His most important work is as a family man, he has been married to Jen for 27 years and relishes fathering 12 year old Bailey and 10 year old Micah.

Rob Goodwin


New York City business executive turned Palm Springs, CA Senior Pastor at Our Savior's Palm Springs. Grew up as a non-churched, unbeliever in Minnesota and through many different experiences was lead by God to faith and later to serve in pastoral ministry.

Jim Summers


Former “big oil” executive turned entrepreneur. CEO of a private equity backed start-up company. Parents/grandparents were a huge influence on belief in God from an early age in rural OK. Still very much on an ongoing journey to live faithfully in His Word!

Nate Schaus


Loves seeing how Jesus changes lives every week through Summit Community Church as their Lead Pastor. In addition to serving on FiveTwo's Board, serves on the board of directors for the Homeless Youth Connection and the Buckeye Valley Chamber.

Scott Roney


Experienced business lawyer and global leader in the field of organizational compliance and ethics.  Passionate about worship and leading worship in song.  Committed to bringing God's kingdom to earth and revealing His glory and mercy!

Duane Heckmann


Houston/Texas area commercial real estate broker for over 30 years.  Always very excited to see God’s grace and magnificence at work in the lives of people.  Keenly interested in reaching those who do not know the love of Jesus and assisting others to do the same. 

Stephen Amante


Chief Financial Officer and CPA growing private equity backed companies in the Houston area for over 30 years.  A committed follower of Christ grateful for the opportunity to contribute and serve in His name.