Start New to Reach New

The best way to reach new people is to start new ventures. 

As the chasm between the Church and society grows wider, our world needs a variety of start-ups—churches, non-profits, for-profits—all with a common goal: more baptized followers of Jesus. FiveTwo exists to help make that happen.


Equipping Leaders to Start

We're equipping entrepreneurial leaders to launch a variety of sustainable sacramental start-ups.

We believe that the best way to reach new people with the message of Jesus is to start new ventures that change individuals and neighborhoods for the long haul. They plant the Gospel in the community, extending from generation to generation.

We help start new suburban churches, new urban clinics, and new sports camps.  We help reposition 100 year-old congregations, restart recovery ministries, and relaunch multi-ethnic plants.

A variety of start-ups will reach a variety of people.

A Variety of Entrepreneurs

The best people to start these new ventures are the men and women entrepreneurs Jesus has placed in His local Church. For too long the Western Church has ignored the apostolic leaders in her midst. No more. One of the greatest growth resources Jesus has given His Church are the men and women who enjoy starting new things. We must enlist them in the cause.

These leaders may be pastors or teachers, businessmen or women, millennials or boomers. They may possess years of experience or simply a dream of “what if…” Most likely their gift for starting remains disconnected from Jesus’ call “to seek and to save the lost.” Most likely they have never seen their divine wiring as a way to extend Jesus’ Family.

They are the very people Jesus’ Church needs at this point in history. FiveTwo wants to help them discover how who they are in Jesus prepares them to be a force for new in His Kingdom.



Sacramental Theology at the Heart

As we enlist a variety of entrepreneurs to launch a variety of start-ups, we want them formed by a sacramental understanding of the world.

We have a heart for those historical, mainline denominations who believe Jesus comes to us in water and bread and wine. We want people to rediscover the mystery and mission of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, how there is something mysterious going on in those actions … and how these gifts of God extend beyond Sunday—they’re meant especially for Monday through Saturday. They throw us out into the world as the sacraments of Jesus. We become His living, breathing presence to the world … and for the world … together.

That’s why FiveTwo is for any entrepreneurial man or woman who wants to reach new by starting new—new business-as-mission, new neighborhood gathering, new community development, new house church, new whatever.

Is FiveTwo for you?