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About the Conference

The FiveTwo National Conference is an annual gathering of leaders that provides camaraderie, inspiration, aand know-how to those who want to advance God’s kingdom on earth by starting something new.

You’ll make powerful connections that will spark new ideas and generate new momentum. The conference will stoke the fire that God has sparked inside of you, pouring fuel on your vision and propelling you forward. You’ll access the explosive combination of high-level strategy and rubber-meets-the-road tools—so you can apply it tomorrow.


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Using the format made popular by the TED conference, we’ll hear from dozens of leaders sharing their stories and what they’ve learned in short, 20-minute blocks.



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Start Here

Start Here

If you’re interested in finding out more about FiveTwo, the National Conference is a great place to start. You’ll learn about our whole network, including resources and training.



General Questions and Answers!

Who should attend this conference?

Men and women who have a desire to start new to reach new people for Jesus - from church planters to lay leaders; CEOs of kingdom businesses to non-profit volunteers. If you have a sacramental faith and entrepreneurial mind, we want to see you at FiveTwo National.

Why did you change the name from Wiki to FiveTwo National?

By changing our name from Wiki to FiveTwo National, we're remembering the story behind our name: the feeding of the 5000. In that account Jesus shows the disciples that five loaves and two fish are enough to feed a crowd when Jesus is involved. This truth -- that Jesus has already placed everything we need to reach the community in the community -- is at the heart of our network. Rather than living in fear of scarcity, we embrace it knowing that when Jesus is present, He always provides.

Why did you move the conference to Austin?

Austin, Texas is one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the US. As we seek to provide creative ways for starting churches, non-profits, and businesses that reach more people for Jesus, we decided to go where the starters are! Plus, Austin is just a cool city. Check out some must-see's here.

Will there be different learning tracks, like previous years?

We have switched to a TED format. Everyone will stay together and learn from a variety of sacramental, entrepreneurial leaders and doers, all in 18 minute blocks. The speakers will share their victories, pitfalls, and learnings in launching startups that reach and care for Jesus' people.

Is there a discount for groups?

Yes, groups of 5 or more receive $20 off per ticket.


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Texas District LCMS
Dwelling 1:14
Pastoral Leadership Institue
Cross-Cultural Ministry Center
Lutheran Foundation of Texas
Mission Training Center
Lutheran Hour Ministries
King of Kings Church
St. John Lutheran Church
Trinity Lutheran Church
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Trinity Lutheran Church
Concorida University Texas
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Thrivent Financial


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