FiveTwo regional in-person gatherings

What is a Local?

What is a Local?

Local Christian Start-Up Camaraderie & Collaboration

FiveTwo Locals are regional in-person gatherings of Christian leaders who want to more effectively reach God’s lost people through launching start-ups. It’s where camaraderie and collaboration collide, resulting in entrepreneurial leaders who are encouraged and equipped for today’s mission challenges.

Practical, Personal How-To Christian Start-Up Support

Locals are for entrepreneurial leaders from all walks of life - non-profits, for-profits, and churches - who want practical, personal Christian start-up ”how-to” training delivered by people who understand how to unlock the resources Jesus has placed in every local community. Delivered in a helpful format of lunch, prayer, training, and conversation, each Local meeting takes about 2 hours. It’s Christian start-up support you can easily access and apply to your vocation.

Find the FiveTwo Local near YOU and discover the power of camaraderie and collaboration for your new start.

What is a Catalyst?

A Catalyst supports, encourages and ignites those in his/her geographic region to start something new.

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General Questions and Answers

Who attends a Local?

Any Christian entrepreneur (business-to-mission owner, mom, church member, pastor, coach, teacher, church planter, teenage small group leader, etc.) who carry the presence of Jesus (or desire to do so) into their communities with the goal of seeing people become baptized followers of Jesus Christ

What should I expect when attending a Local?

You’ll find a relaxed gathering of mutually supportive Christian entrepreneurs who are laser focused on starting new to reach new for Jesus. A meal is typically involved. You’ll experience that safe place to share your crazy, out-of-the-norm new start ideas and hear others’ stories/ideas as well.

What will be discussed at a Local?

New starts. New starts. Oh, and did we forget to say…new starts.

How does a Local help me start something new?

You have the unique opportunity to learn from others’ setback and new start failures, as well as their success. You will be gracefully held accountable to take action steps towards your new start effort.

What if my new start needs to go beyond with the Local can provide?

Meet StartNew and FiveTwo’s other services.