In 2018 we will launch 30 new, financially sustainable ministries in the United States that bring the presence of Jesus into communities.

30 new ministries like...

  • Living Water, Journey of Faith, and Holy Cross, new church plants and replants that are bringing Christ-filled community to individuals and families
  • Harbor Hope Coffee, a coffee shop that provides space for the community during the week and space for worship on Sunday.
  • The Luke 52 Clinic, a prenatal clinic providing Christ-like care for young moms and their children

We will invest in incredible women like Amanda Krigner, a millennial marketing executive in Detroit with a passion to serve the underserved.  

“Not only have we been able to learn how to start something brand new, but we have a vast network looking to help us…with an ultimate goal of bringing more people to know Jesus. We have been very fortunate to be able to learn from and have the support of these professionals."

Amanda and her crew are moving ahead with a pay-it-forward meals ministry, partnering those who have resources with those who do not.

Each of the new ministries in our  StartNew incubator pay the majority of their training and coaching fees. By investing in their own training, they take it seriously. Most churches and non-profits are unable pay the full cost, however. Thus, they need people like you to partner with them and with us. 

Specifically, $3,000 in donations each year is required to cover the full costs of a team in StartNew.

Your partnership gift of:

  • $3,000 (or $250/month) unlocks one full year of technical assistance in StartNew.
  • $1,200 (or $100/month) creates access to our StartNew pre-launch weekend
  • $600 (or $50/month) supports one full year of start-up coaching
  • $120 (or $10/month) underwrites launch team assessments.

Will you partner with these new ministries that bring the Gospel to the US?

To give, click here or on the DONATE TO LAUNCH 30 button (above) and choose Launch 30 from the pull-down menu.