Lutheran Church Planter's Network

We see great potential to come alongside existing efforts in a collaborative way to add value to the system by helping in the ongoing development of a church planter pipeline, especially in the following areas…

  • Grass-roots advocacy and promotion for church planting
  • Practitioner-based, hands-on equipping, training, and apprenticing
  • Ongoing peer support, encouragement, accountability, and coaching

This will be done by four mutually reinforcing activities.


1. Holding a yearly Church Planters Training Intensive

Our goal is to have 20-25 participants per year who are effectively trained in the practical aspects of church planting. Our goal the next three years = 60-75 potential church planters trained with the tools they need to take the next step in planting a church.

2. Establishing a Church Planter Residency Program

Over the three-year pilot program at Redeemer Church in Chicago, we hope to give thorough training and rigorous experience to each intern, so that he/she would be ready to go on immediately to plant a new church after finishing the internship. Our goal the next three years = 3 fully-equipped and experienced church planters.

3. Expanding the Lutheran Church Planters Network across the ELCA

We envision the church planters network as a peer-driven, action-oriented “network of networks” focused on promoting, equipping, and supporting church planters. This is a low-cost, relationship-based, and “viral” approach that can provide personal support, encouragement, accountability, and a developing esprit-de-corps. Local networks can be think tanks that share resources and best practices and can advocate for church planting in their area and provide opportunities for collaborative church planting. Our goal the next three years = 5-6 new local networks in several synods or metropolitan areas.

4. Providing Coaching and Consulting for Church Planters

Even the best learning experience can fade if it’s not reinforced. Timely follow-up coaching and consulting can be invaluable in the demanding task of planting a new church. We want to help fill that need where we can.

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February 17, 2019


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Fred Nelson

Lead Pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church

Lead Pastor at Redeemer Lutheran Church (multisite at Park Ridge and Chicago, IL), Former missionary in Bangladesh and expert in Christian-Muslim relations. Founder of Lutheran Church Planters Network. Founder and Executive Director of Under the Door Prison Ministry.

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