7 Marks That Say You're a Christian Entrepreneur
August 15, 2017

FiveTwo is looking to launch 10,000 Christian Entrepreneurs by 2044. Which is a big number. Which means we need to get busy.

But what, pray tell, is a Christian Entrepreneur? Glad you asked. Let me start back a few pages.

Every now and then, like almost every week, someone asks me, “What’s FiveTwo about? Why does it exist?” Well, we exist b/c the mainline, sacramental church in the U.S. is dying. The stats are atrocious. And we want to do something about it. That something is to start new. We believe that in order to reach new, the Church needs to start new.

Now I’m not talking just new church plants. Although that’s part of it. I’m talking the whole spectrum: new groups, new businesses, new relationships, new community developments, new ways of thinking, new ways of acting, and yes, new churches.

You have to get out and do some new.

Biblically speaking, the Church needs to regain its apostolic focus.

So we’re looking for the apostolic folk who want to start sacramental communities of all sizes and shapes, generations and geographies.

We call that guy a Christian entrepreneur. These are men and women who love sacramental theology AND they love Jesus’ lost people AND they like to start new.

We’re looking for 10,000 of them. Which would be 10,000 of you.

The 7 Marks

To help you know if you’re in the Christian Entrepreneur club, here are 7 characteristics of CE’s. If you have 3 or more, you are indeed a Christian Entrepreneur.

  1. I’m burdened for Jesus’ lost people. Very simply, I love them; I want to reach them; I think the Church should reach them; and frankly, I enjoy being with them, often times more so than being with followers of Jesus. They’re refreshing. I want them in heaven.
  2. I’m tired of the status quo. I am frustrated by problems that go unresolved and practices that need reforming. Today is the day to start moving the ball down the field.
  3. I see “beyond” today. I can see what the future would be like if we move beyond today’s changeable reality. And while that future might move through pain, it is full of hope.
  4. I multiply growth. More people, more groups, more impact, more cities, more whatever. Somehow when God has me touch things, they increase. Especially disciples.
  5. I see obstacles as opportunities. Change is a resource. Rules are made to be rewritten. Not God’s rules, but man’s rules, of which there are an abundance.
  6. I attract like-minded, new-start people. People tend to say “yes” to my invitations to follow, and we tend to have a good amount of unanimity in the journey.
  7. I start things without anyone telling me I should. I’m talking clubs, ministries, groups, businesses…. Everywhere I go, I’m the guy or gal that launches new initiatives. It just seems natural. This characteristic is probably the most telling of your CE-ness. And if this is really strong in you, years later those initiatives are still happening.

You might have noted that none of these 7 marks deal with what we mean by sacramental. If that’s still a question for you, be sure and check out other blog posts on this site.

Are you a CE?

How many of the marks do you have? 3 or more? You’re the kind of Christian entrepreneur we want to pour into. I’d love to know who you are. Share some info in the comments below.

by Bill Woolsey, Executive Director, FiveTwo Network


  • Sue Hille

    I am a CE, married 61 years to CE Will, LCMS Pastor emeritus. In our 82nd year of life, tattered and worn but continuing to love, pray, encourage you youngsters. We totter in the cheer section, continue hosting a weekly small group and encourage habitual hand holding - for us once romantic, now necessary for forward movement as we limp in opposite directions. Jesus' call to us each day relates to that day's allotment of energy. Carry on, kids!

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