A Big Goal for New Start-Ups
May 2, 2017

As the culture grows farther and farther away from the established church in America, more and more communities find themselves with little to no sign of the presence of Jesus. 

At FiveTwo Network, we invest in men and women entrepreneurs who want to connect more people to Jesus and His local church through the launching of new start-ups.  Women and men Christian leaders who are starting new expressions of the Gospel. 

These leaders are wired to start.  They start businesses, non-profits, book clubs, and sports leagues.  They start homeless shelters, prenatal clinics and pet clinics.  They re-start 70-year-old congregations to focus on young families and re-plant former multi-sites into stand-alone ministries. 

They start in their 20s and in their 70s and every age in between.

They are wired to start new things, love to start new things, and want those new starts to introduce new people to Jesus.

Meet a few of these Christian leaders by watching the video below:

Everything in FiveTwo focuses on these Christian, entrepreneurial leaders.  Which is why starting May 2 (FiveTwo Day), we launched our StartNew Fund.

No matter the size of your startup, you will need dollars.  Money is not the mission, but where there’s no money, there’s no mission.

FiveTwo’s StartNew fund will provide dollars straight to the men and women on the front lines. 

100% of all offerings received during our May FiveTwo Celebration will go into our StartNew Fund.  This fund will be used solely to help individuals launch startups in our network.

Throughout the year, individuals, congregations, and foundations can designate their gifts to our StartNew Fund.  100% of those gifts will go straight to the men and women starters in our network.

At FiveTwo, we want to get starters doing the starting.  Our StartNew Incubator provides training and coaching for these starters.  And now, our StartNew Fund will provide dollars to help them launch well.

We want to kick off this fund with a bang.  Our goal?  $52,000.  We want to help at least 10 startups with $5,200 of startup money. 

That’s why we’re asking you to donate TODAY and help start ministries that bring the presence of Jesus into communities in the U.S.

Will you give $10, $50, $500, $1,000 to help launch new ministries in the US TODAY?

100% of the dollars you designate to our StartNew Fund will go directly to those front line startups in our network.  100%.  Donate at www.fivetewo.com/#donate.  Choose "FiveTwo Day Celebration" in the drop-down menu. 

Give TODAY.  Share this with your friends.  Encourage your congregation to contribute. 

Help bring the presence of Jesus into communities in the US.  TODAY!

by Bill Woolsey, Executive Director, FiveTwo Network


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