A Visit to Harbor Hope Coffee...A StartNew Incubator Story
October 11, 2017

Andy and Sue Eskelinen and the Harbor Hope Coffee Team from St. Ignace, MI, entered into FiveTwo's StartNew Incubator in early 2017. Things are up and running and the team is reaching their community with Jesus' love..."one cup at a time". Bill Woolsey visited Harbor Hope providing us viewers with an intimate look at this startup and the sacramental entrepreneurs who are leading the efforts. 

And don't miss the invitation below for YOU to learn more...

StartNew Incubator Story - Harbor Hope Cafe from FiveTwo Network on Vimeo.

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  • Steve Sandfort

    Congratulations Andy and Sue. I would love to hear how it goes and want you to know that The Edge Coffeehouse in Lake Worth, TX is praying for your success.

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