Anticipating Awe
November 30, 2017

The running family joke is that dad should have been a civil engineer.

I love to figure out how things were built – especially spaghetti overpasses and crazy high bridges. How the spans meet up perfectly, the angles not off by degrees.

I suspect my fear of heights leads me to pedestalize those individuals who not only design but then also scurry around at altitudes where gravity always wins.

But below the fear in me there lives a sense of awe.

Awe is where wonder and curiosity merge into a sort of giddiness resulting in “How?” and “Wow!”

Awe flows most freely from Yosemite’s majestic ElCapitan and Dubai’s megatall BurjKhalifa, stunning divine and man-made creations.

But I’ve only been to Yosemite once and have yet to visit Dubai, so if I’d like my awe in daily doses, I need eyes that see awe everywhere.

For Christians, the big awe flows from Jesus’ crucifixion on Calvary; that the Creator of the world became the Redeemer of the world. God became man to rescue man from the power of death and the fear that fills every crevice of life.

For Christians, that awe kicks off this Sunday, December 3, with Advent, the annual journey to Calvary through the stable at Bethlehem.

Advent unfolds with anticipation at its heart. It’s a spiritual exercise, reliving the 2000-year-old anticipation of Mary wondering and Joseph doubting and the Shepherds delightfully discovering.

But Advent is also about how one lives today, anticipating Jesus surprising us for a second time, restoring and returning every element of creation to its original state of beauty and perfection.

On that day, everyone will kneel in awe.

Every time I find the word “Awesome” welling up in me, I appreciate how it is a small foretaste of the divine awe my soul waits for on that last day.

Are you finding some awe in the daily and mundane? It’s there.

Are you anticipating awe in your daily suburban grind? How would your day change if you did?

How often do you give thanks for a glimpse of beauty or design or ability that reflects a Creator who is all-beautiful, a Master Designer, and able to do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine, thanks to Jesus?

Giddiness is good for the soul.

(If you’d like a little dose of musical awe, watch this. Oh how majestic the gifts Jesus wove into His creation.)

by Bill Woolsey


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