October 18, 2017

Here is this month's compilation. Listen, read and consider. I hope they help you move forward the Kingdom of Jesus.

  • A Ministry You Need to Grasp. I run into some wonderful expressions of grace as I stumble through Jesus' Kingdom on earth. No one more inspiring and rich than this one. It's about the widows and orphans of society, for sure. https://www.messiahondemand.com/
  • Angels in Heaven.  Eclectic? Check. Creative? Check. Dog? Check. And not a little inspiring, as I only use spoons for soup and cereal. https://youtu.be/_nLmM9kcBKs
  • Preach it. Nothing like a good sermon to start your day. Especially this one, from 20:30 on. Rear Admiral Barry Black (ret) expounds on the beauty of Scripture and its promise for us. Amen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNnbJEw5Ghw

by Bill Woolsey


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