Five Q’s To Begin To Discover Your Unique Christian Identity
April 27, 2017

Just how different are the answers to these two questions: Who are you? And, What do you do?

Think about that for a minute. What’s really the difference?

While one speaks to your nature, the reality is that when you know your identity, what you do flows more easily and naturally. And if you know Jesus, well, you are who you are because of Jesus. And you do what you do because of Jesus.

It starts with identity. Your Jesus Identity. Meaning you understand who you are in Christ–a son or daughter of the King, yes, but more than that, a particular son or daughter with unique giftings and callings, personalities and styles. More than just eye or skin color. I’m talking the inner you that resonates to words and sounds different than my resonating.

You have a unique Christian you, that lives out the presence of Jesus in a unique, divinely called way.

Grasping the Who God has made You is one of the most important truths to incorporate into your daily life. You’ll discover a joy of functioning in the manner God intended. Squirrels were designed to leap and climb, not fly.

Christian Entrepreneurs can answer the “identity” question, realizing that Jesus has called them to start new in order to reach new. To be His presence through new expressions of Church and community. When they live in this awareness, they become more and more clear of their unique and necessary role in the Kingdom of God.

Do you know the specific What you should be doing that flows from the Who you are?

Here are five simple ways to discover your unique sacramental identity. Ask yourself these questions:

1. If you didn’t have to worry about money or failure, family or time, what would you do? (No holds barred.)

2. Looking back over your life, where has your heart’s passion produced fruit at the greatest level?

3. What events or experiences have brought you the most joy and satisfaction?

4. Try the Reverse Golden Rule: What four or five things would you like someone to do for you? Write them down and then try doing them for someone else.

5. Gather two or three trusted friends and ask them to describe your particular gifts. “If I could only be used for one or two activities, how would you use me?”

Take all of those answers and add them together. Read through them. Let them sit and percolate. What common threads do you see? Can you distill them down to a paragraph? If you had to write out your unique life calling in one sentence, what would it be?

Who you are should flow into what you do. Identity forms function.

What area of your life do you need to sharpen so you can start this journey today?

Put your thoughts in the comments below.

by Bill Woolsey, Executive Director, FiveTwo Network


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