In Between
January 4, 2018

In between Christmas and Epiphany we reflect on what has been and contemplate what will be. Reminds me of the creation story…In the beginning…God! God created - making heaven and earth out of nothing.  

Nothing! There was only God and what would be. After God created, the earth was without form, but the Spirit of God kept moving.

For ten years, I have coached individuals and trained coaches. Watching the Spirit of God move within every individual I coach or train brings me great joy. It’s a gift to watch them discover God is calling them out of the void and into His marvelous light.  

Then God said, “Let there be light!” And there was light!   

We need light to see.  

Sometimes, the light is so bright we have to close our eyes. Even if we slowly open our eyes, the light remains too bright to keep the eyes open for long.  

Our eyes close again. Back to the void. But the Spirit of God still moves.  

The bright light gives a glimpse of what could be.  

We need a guide to walk alongside us until we more clearly see “what could be”.  

A coach acts as a guide. A coach celebrates the results of the Spirit’s movement, and the enlightenment God has shared in His Son.  

As a coach with FiveTwo, I see this transformational growth quite often. We coaches walk alongside you and help you see “what could be” in your community. What could Jesus do through the new ministry he’s uniquely designed you to start?  

We will help 30 new ministries answer that question this year.

How is the Spirit of God moving within you and around you?

Upon what void does God’s light need to shine this year?

How would having a coach help you see clearly?

We’d love to hear from you!  Answer the above questions in the comments.

Vern L. Bok. FiveTwo Coach Coordinator.

by Vern Bok


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