Reaching New? Meet Jesus
September 13, 2017

So you've made connections in your community to reach new with Jesus...NOW WHAT? 

As the biblical illiteracy rate increases in the Western Church, we need a focused approach to help people meet again the Person around whom all persons revolve. We need a primer, you might say, that introduces us to the Source of all we see and the hope which we all seek. --Bill Woolsey (Executive Director, FiveTwo Network) 

Meet Jesus is one such focused approach.

Meet Jesus (a FiveTwo Network Publication) is a 40-day devotional for your personal growth in Christian faith and includes a 6-session small group study so that your faith may grow in the Word with others. The group discussion guide includes a “Helping Others Meet Jesus” component to help you, your startup, your small group, your ministry, your church, take some intentional steps toward introducing your community to Jesus. 

Printed copies (offered in a variety of discounted bundles) and an E-Book version are available on FiveTwo's Store page

We published this work as a way for people to not only meet the divinely multi-faceted Jesus but to also be confident and eloquent in how they talk about Him with the people in their lives.  Whether you call them hats or roles, titles or attributes, Craig creates devotional moments that both expand and deepen our knowledge of Jesus and His life.  All so that we can readily speak Him into the lives of those we meet. I hope this work deepens your love, knowledge and trust in Jesus so that you more actively speak of Him with others. --Bill Woolsey 

The FiveTwo Network is excited for the folks at Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church & School who begin a sermon series on Meet Jesus at the end of September 2017.   

Mark Milatz (Shepherds of the Lakes Senior Pastor) - "We are excited to use Meet Jesus...It will be an invitation back to the basics for our more seasoned members, while also providing a clear and simple presentation of the Gospel to those who aren't quite as far along in their faith journey. Our hope is that all of our members will become more equipped and energize to help their friends and neighbors Meet Jesus."
Janna Yeakey (Shepherd of the Lakes Director of Discipleship and Small Groups) - "We have 599 people participating in Meet Jesus! We have 800 adult (18 and up) members that would be considered active members so it is a high percentage of members participating."

Whether it is Meet Jesus or another focused approach, it couldn't more crucial to introduce the people of our communities to Jesus, for "...there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12 ESV).

Contact us with any ordering questions. Contact Craig Mattes directly with questions about the book.  


  • Greg Exner

    Received the 40 Day Devotional and small group study. Is there a video planned to break down into 6 segments to facilitate weekly meetings with small groups?

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    • Craig Mattes

      Hi Greg! Sorry for the late reply! There is not an accompanying video that goes with the study. But please email to connect you with a church that just finished this series. I'm sure they will have great insight/tips/and maybe even extra resources to share.

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