My Name is B.
May 11, 2017

OUTREACH REPORT-Elli's House 313
"We saw another young girl walking on the side streets. When we approached her, she immediately put her hands up, and said she didn't want anything from us. She appeared very nervous and was always looking over her shoulder. A man pulled up in a vehicle, beeped at her, and she immediately left our vehicle. About 10 minutes later, she saw us driving, and waved us down. She told us she could take the food now. We gave her a coat, food, and hygiene items. I asked what her name was, and she wouldn't tell me. When we drove away, I told her "Jesus loves you." She looked back at us and said, "My name is B."

This is a typical night out on the streets of Detroit for Elli's House 313.  Elli's House 313 is dedicated to helping girls caught in the slavery of sex trafficking find a way out.  They will provide temporary housing, safety and the opportunity to hear the message of Jesus.  Ellie's House 313 is one of the participating start-ups in FiveTwo's StartNew incubator.  Deb Ellinger, Executive Director says, "I continue to be amazed at how our God works.  He uses people like me, broken and sinful, to do His work. My sin and brokenness may be different than the girls we minister too, but the fact remains that we are all broken in some way."

Ellie's House 313 is an example of what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  To reach out to those who haven't been given the opportunity to hear the Word and meet them where they are.  Wherever they are.   

As we go through the month of May and celebrate these front-line men and women who are finding new ways to express the Gospel, we are humbled by the love of Jesus for all of us. We want to support even more Christian entrepreneurs in answering the call that Jesus has placed in them.  That is why we created the StartNew Fund for Christian entrepreneurs.  We want to see at least 10 more Christian entrepreneurs come off the sidelines.  As we call them out to step into the life Jesus has asked them to lead, we want to help support them.  Financially and spiritually. 

You can donate today to help us build an army of Christian entrepreneurs that will bring the Word into communities that have been lost for to long. 100% of your donation will go directly to the StartNew Fund.  When you support StartNew, you are supporting the growth of the Kingdom across the U.S.  Donate at & choose StartNew Fund in the drop-down menu.

For more about Elli's House 313 watch this video and visit or @ellieshouse313 on instagram, Facebook & Twitter. 

by Amanda Herr, Marketing & Communications Director, FiveTwo Network


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