July 19, 2017

New ideas require new thinking. Thinking that moves you from your office to the street. Thinking that gets you out of the boat to do the water-walking exercise with Jesus. Thinking that stays true to your values and mission but results in, well, new results. 

FiveTwo Network announced this week that we are changing our national O2 Conference to regional O2 events. This is a big change that will look new, all while continuing to serve the men and women entrepreneurs in our network. Same core values. Same mission. Powerful new expression. 

We are excited to bring customized, focused events into regional markets that will bolster the efforts of our entrepreneurs and ultimately support them bringing more people to Jesus.  This is the core of FiveTwo Network, and the mission we continue upon. 

As we model out our O2 events we want to encourage you to start thinking.  What support do you need in order to either take that initial, brave step out into the entrepreneurial world or to continue to build upon your Christian startup dreams?  Think of the possibilities.  Think about ways to grow the Kingdom.  Think about starting something new.  Then tell us about it. 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.  Please comment below or send an email to comm@fivetwo.com

If you would like us to bring O2 to your region, tell us here.

by Bill Woolsey, Executive Director, FiveTwo Network


  • Sue Hille

    Of course! In this day we must allow the Spirit to constantly lead us as we adjust our tactics while proclaiming the same message of God's gift of our salvation in and through Jesus Christ! AT the age of 83, I confess my head often spins at the rapidity of change in our world, our culture, our languages and every facet of our lives. We work hard at keeping up to the best of our abilities and know the Message can only be heard if the messengers speak the language of a world lost in itself and going crazy rather than being "found" in Christ and joining in our eternal adoration. Thanks for leading the way!

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    • FiveTwo Network

      FiveTwo is dedicated to helping our entrepreneurs start things that meet people where they are at with the Word. Thank you for your support, Sue!

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