'No More Fear' Week
April 11, 2017

…and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death. – Hebrews 2:15

Happy Holy Week.

Holy Week is the annual week when Christians remember Jesus’ walk from the Upper Room, through the Garden of Gethsemane, to the mount of Golgotha and, then, from the Tomb to a dusty road and a locked room.  

It is a walk from Passover to Crucifixion to Resurrection. A meal. A funeral. A party. From life to death to life again.

Behind it all? God’s desire to free us from death and the slavery it brings.  

When Jesus tells us He came that we may have life and have it to the full, the full life of which He spoke did not include death and its byproduct, fear.  

Psychologists tell us that at the root of every fear lies our fear of death.  Fear of loss and fear of failure flow from fear of death. The fear she will say no and fear he will leave you, both sourced in fear of death. Fear your start-up will go broke.  Fear your child will die before you.  Fear you will be forgotten and your life ultimately a waste.  Fear you will suffer dementia like your dad or cancer like your mom. Thank you, death.

Every anxiety, every worry, every concern and fret and consternation – all indwell our minds thanks to the reality of our mortality: one day we will each die, our bodies to decay, fulfilling the dust to dust prophecy. The truth that our time is fleeting and our bodies slowing creates a fear that enslaves us.

Holy Week marks the end of that fear.

No more fear of meeting God’s demands: Jesus lived the life you are unable to – perfect and selfless.

No more fear of facing God’s judgment: Jesus paid the price for your selfish life – His death for your life.

No more fear of death being the end: Jesus rose from the dead, revealing a different ending for all who face

The source of your greatest fear – death – no longer speaks the final word over your life. Jesus has changed all of that. Death is now temporary. Resurrection is final.  

One day you, too, will receive a new glorified body just like Jesus’ Easter body. Unencumbered by time and unfettered by death. 

Holy Week marks the beginning of the end for death and the fear it brings. While your body will fail and your mind, forget, Jesus’ victory on Easter Sunday offers you freedom from all of the fears you face.

So, happy Holy Week! Or better, happy “No More Fear” Week!

by Bill Woolsey, Executive Director, FiveTwo Network


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    Great timely message. Thanks for that insightful reminder.

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