Easter Courage
April 19, 2017

Courage is a limited commodity. Limited in the sense that one doesn’t see it in wide use. 

As others have said, courage is not the absence of fear but rather action in the face of fear.

Have you ever considered where courage comes from?

Often it flows from outside oneself, from a cause or motivation that supersedes even one’s own well-being.  Entertain the mother diving into the frigid water to rescue her infant or the infantryman falling on the grenade. 

In the Easter account from John 20, that first Easter evening Jesus appeared miraculously in the flesh in a locked room to a group of His followers. His first word? Peace. “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.”

Interesting that Jesus’ word to counter fear – peace – is a precursor to action. “…I am sending

It would take a while for those followers to follow through on Jesus’ charge. Everything kicked into high gear post-Pentecost after the Holy Spirit gave them the miraculous power to communicate the Gospel in other languages, resulting in 3,000 people brought into the family of believers on one day. From then on, in spite of persecution and death, those Jesus-followers exuded courage.

Such courage flows from the Holy Spirit uniting you with the seeming failure of Good Friday and the obvious victory of Easter. The source of Jesus’ “Peace!” stems from the divine realities of Easter Weekend. The restoration of our relationship with our Creator cannot help but overflow into every corner of our lives.

What cause fuels your courage? Where do you need to hear “Peace!” from Jesus so to overcome the fear that paralyzes you from acting…from reconciling with your wife…from apologizing to your children…from pursuing the business venture you’ve been doodling about and praying over for years?

The Christian entrepreneur launching the non-profit that addresses the homeless problem in the six-block area of downtown hardly compares to the soldier sacrificing himself for his comrades. But in the vocation of the entrepreneur, the fear of failure is real and the reality of failure, even more so.

Remember that Jesus and His Easter victory are more real than any fear or failure. The peace Easter brings between you and your Creator, and between you and everyone in your life, offers a divine courage flowing from a divine cause.

Where do you need some Easter courage?

by Bill Woolsey, Executive Director, FiveTwo Network


  • Tim Ahlman


    We'll said! Easter changes everything!

    Please pray for me to have Easter courage as I enter into my doctoral thesis! I truly believe that what I am studying will be a gift to the wider Church. Thanks for the encouragement connected to God's Word to start my day!

    In Christ,

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    • Bill Woolsey

      My pleasure, Tim! See you in a week in Houston for StartNew.

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