What is StartNew?
January 31, 2018

Are you a pastor who is weary of leading a congregation of ministries which lead to no newly baptized followers of Jesus?

Do you have big dreams of bringing the presence of Jesus into your community in a way that actually listens to and meets the needs of the community?

Are you looking to start a new ministry which won't cave upon inception but will remain sustainable?

(Do the above questions reflect the heart of your pastor? If so, please pass on.)

In past blog posts, you've read StartNew stories on new ministries such as Charity Lutheran Church and Harbor Hope Coffee, but you may be still asking, WHAT IS STARTNEW? And WHAT DOES STARTNEW MEAN FOR THE MISSION OF MY CONGREGATION?

StartNew is FiveTwo's 2-year personalized Christian startup incubator. It is where you can send a team of folks from your congregation who are serious about launching a new ministry which brings the presence of Jesus into your community. Through our assessment, training, and coaching, pastors and the entrepreneurial men and women they are leading can realize their dreams of creating new ministries that lead to more baptized followers of Jesus.

StartNew is a unique way to get that new ministry idea of your congregation up and running. We provide a holistic approach that blends sound business strategies with a sacramental mindset as the foundation and fuel for your congregation's new ministry. 

No other startup process integrates the power of sacramental theology with entrepreneurial best practices. This is the personalized Christian startup training and coaching YOU'VE BEEN DESIRING FOR YOUR CONGREGATION!

Go to our StartNew page where you can...

  • Read testimonies of pastors who represent teams from congregations who have begun StartNew and those who represent teams from congregations who have completed the 2 year incubator.
  • See a timeline on the 2 year process.
  • Read answers to frequently asked questions such as: Will StartNew work in an existing church? Who is StartNew for? Can teams attend or is StartNew only for individuals? Why does StartNew last two years? Does StartNew work with church plants?

Contact our StartNew Coordinator today with your questions. 

Maybe a team from your congregation will be featured as our next StartNew story! All to God's glory!


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