Why I'm Excited To Help Lead FiveTwo?
November 3, 2017

Last week I was in a basement of a church with our FiveTwo leadership in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. I witnessed a young pastor lovingly addressing homeless and the poor in the neighborhood in English and Spanish. They had just given out free meals and was introducing them to his church and to Jesus. As the new FiveTwo Vice-President of Strategic Initiatives, I’m thrilled that God led me to this great organization at this time. After spending twelve years as a pastor in a church and ten years at LINC North Texas, FiveTwo is perfect for me! Why?

I love the vision, character and person that leads FiveTwo, President Bill Woolsey. We have been friends for over ten years and I have closely watched him in public and private settings. He leads with authenticity, passion and a great strategic mind. I look forward to learning from him. 

I am excited to help lead FiveTwo because of its vision and large potential. FiveTwo is not another strategy to improve churches but is about seeking to have real long-term breakthough in communities. FiveTwo has a vision of catalyzing 10,000 new missional entrepreneurs by the year 2050. A couple of years ago I visited a church in Arkansas whose leaders had attended the FiveTwo National Conference and my workshop on reaching Latinos in the community. Since then they launched ESL classes, a soccer club and had started worship for Spanish speakers. FiveTwo is having that kind of impact on communities. 

One of my favorite things about FiveTwo are the missional entrepreneurs. These new starters have amazing energy, creativity and passion. They are fueled by God’s burning passion for the lost. I can’t wait to see what God will do through them. I have been part of one of these frontline missions that FiveTwo has helped.  The leader is an ex-police officer. Weekly she takes her team to downtown Detroit to be Jesus to girls that work on the street. She provides more than friendship to them but offers them real hope and freedom in Jesus. 

Whether in Phoenix, Orlando, Detroit, Houston or Miami, FiveTwo is having transformational impact on the community. For these reasons I am thrilled to be part of FiveTwo and the missional entrepreneurs across the country. 

by Oscar Benavides


  • Linda Winter

    How can her team be Jesus to them? They can lead them to Jesus and teach them the love of Jesus. This retired officer and her her team are not Jesus.

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  • Bill Woolsey

    Linda, the expression "be Jesus" has its roots in the divine reality that as members of the Body of Christ, we are the incarnation of Jesus, His Church, on earth. We are His body, through whom His mission is accomplished. Without taking anything away from His work of life, death and resurrection, it is correct to use the phrase as Oscar used it. Again, not replacing the person of Jesus but living out His presence on earth as His Church.

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