What We Offer

We Offer 3 Additional Services

In addition to the elements at our core—the O2 Conference, Locals, StartNew Incubator,  and Resources—we offer three additional stand-alone services.

Building your business as a Christian entrepreneur is exciting and challenging at the same time. Our coaching, assessment and consulting services help you discover the entrepreneurial qualities within you. We can help you discover where you are now, what you want to accomplish for the future, and how to create  a plan to achieve your goals.

FiveTwo Network offers you a terrific opportunity to bring your start-up idea to fruition in the company of people who share your enthusiasm for and dedication to Jesus.



Our coaches are available for both individuals and teams that are starting something new.

FiveTwo coaches:

  • embrace a sacramental worldview

  • have all participated in entrepreneurial ventures

  • are trained by FiveTwo and CoachNet Global.  

FiveTwo coaches function as both mentor and coach, applying their experience to your situation while also seeking to draw out the Jesus-in-you.  Meet our coaches .

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Our online assessment process is designed to provide a clear picture of the entrepreneurial leader Jesus has created you to be.

When you understand how Jesus has shaped you—including your skills, personality, and experience—you can develop strategies that will:

  • maximize your divine giftedness

  • maximize the opportunities for involving other individuals in their areas of giftedness

  • chart a course that allows Jesus’ new creation in you to flourish while starting a new creation for Jesus in your community.

This assessment can be utilized in both the personal development process and when hiring church planters or other entrepreneurial-minded staff.  It can also be employed for other staff positions.

For more information on what is included in the stand-alone Assessment, contact us here.



FiveTwo's work for adjudicatories involves assessing and creating systems that focus the organization on reaching the lost through new starts.

The multi-month consulting process includes:

  • in-depth situational assessment to understand the current state of the organization

  • presentation of findings to key stakeholders

  • robust strategic plan proposal with specific recommendations that can be implemented by the organization or by FiveTwo team members.

If you feel as though you are stuck as a start-up (whether as a church plant or business/non-profit), FiveTwo’s consulting process will point you in the direction of real results. Contact us for more information.